Westknits MKAL 2024 - Geogradient

It's the time of the year again where the knitting world celebrates and cast on together for the next MKAL of the year! This year, I have decided to put together a series of colors which I feel can be a good match for Geogradient, using Knitting for Olive yarn!

Before I go into the colors, here are the important information you require before you select the right yarn for you.

Details from his website:

Fingering weight

This year’s shawl features a gradient of 4 colors of fingering weight yarn, 100g of each color.

Color A - lightest color
Color B - a little bit darker than A
Color C - a little bit darker than B and lighter than D
Color D - darkest color
Approximately 1520yds / 1388m total
Color A - 380yds / 347m
Color B - 380yds / 347m
Color C - 380yds / 347m
Color D - 380yds / 347m
If your fingering weight yarn comes in 100g skeins, then you will need 1 skein of each color. If yarn comes in 50g skeins/balls, you will need 2 skeins/balls of each color. You need 100g of fingering weight yarn for each color (400g of fingering weight yarn total). You may have some leftovers, but it’s best to have the recommended amount of yarn listed above.
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Cotton Merino
[PINKS] Purple Elephant, Rose Mouse, Coral/Strawberry Ice Cream, Terracotta Rose
Cotton Merino + Merino
[GREEN] Grey Lamb, Soft Aqua, Dusty Aqua, Dark Sea Green
[REDS] Coral/Strawberry Ice Cream, Terracotta Rose, Plum Rose, Burnt Orange/Robin
Pure Silk
[PEACH] Wheat, Soft Peach, Quince, Sunflower
[ORANGE] Soft Peach, Quince, Sunflower, Mandarin Orange
[Orange/PINK] Rhubarb Juice, Plum Rose, Mandarin Orange, Copper
[PINK] Ballerina, Rhubarb Juice, Plum Rose, Fuchsia
While stocks lasts!