KAIJUU Fibers,

or Monster Fibers, are magical hand dyed yarn from the crock pot. Our hand dyed yarn are painted with bright colors that hopes to inspire others to wear brightly colored items. We want you to know that it is okay to be loud and mismatched.

Wear a KAIJUU and let our colors do its magic;

Embrace your delightful colors!

KAIJUU Fibers yarn are hand dyed in Singapore. Our selected yarn base is suitable for Southeast Asia weather where it's 32 to 35 Degree Celsius all year round.

x x x

Creative mind behind KAIJUU Fibers

She love to doodle monsters. In her world, she imagines grotesque monsters as colorful creatures. In life, she struggles to share the colorful world of her mind and hopes to use yarn as a medium to share her collection of grotesque monsters. While she has a huge love for doodling on paper, knitting and crochet became her pens and brushes to illustrate her colorful world.