Novice guide: Matching yarn weight/size with the right hook/needle

Novice guide: Matching yarn weight/size with the right hook/needle

One of the many things novice faces when trying to start a project is understanding how to buy the right yarn weight (or you may call it size).

Coming from a country where we are very limited by resources and have to rely heavily on exports, Crocheting is a very underrated hobby and it is extremely difficult for me to find help (or maybe I am not trying hard enough).

There are times when I read crochet pattern books from UK and i get clueless when it comes to description of yarn.. DK yarn, worsted yarn, chunky yarn… and to me they are very vague terms.

Beginner crocheters in Singapore who starts out alone will make their first pitstop at Spotlight or Daiso to get their starter kit and when you walk through the aisle(s) of yarn, I’m sure one or more questions will pop into your head:

  1. How do I know which hook to buy for which yarn

  2. 4ply? 8ply? So which ply falls under which yarn number

  3. Uh… I cant read Japanese.. how do I know medium thick uses which size

  4. So DK and worsted is how many ply?

Spotlight yarns uses Australia terminology. Most patterns you googled online will tell you something different from the labels you see on yarn labels at Spotlight. The next thing to do is google some yarn chart so you know how to buy yarn.. but you might be stumped again.

This is probably the most commonly seen chart if you google for yarn “size”


Back when I was a novice at this craft, I got confused when I look at the chart.

I asked myself:

  1. HOW am I supposed to know which plys fit under which category?

  2. HOW am I supposed to know what is Double Knitting equivalent?

I chance upon an article by HeartStrings FiberArts’s Patterns by Yarn Weight and thought it might be helpful for confused people like me.

I did my own chart…

I excluded Japanese terminology because at the point of writing this post, I have yet to compile Japanese sizes into the chart. I will be updating this chart soon. Meanwhile, a simple version for you (feel free to correct me if i am wrong):


I personally do not like the ply system as it’s a different scale again when you work with german unplied yarn. 4ply unplied yarn is actually equivalent to DK weight.

It takes quite a bit of kungfu to feel and know immediately what size hook you will need for a crochet project. Then again, knitting is an entirely different scale again (but most of the time it’s similar).

Recommended Hook as listed in my chart is based on my experience after trial and error. Actually, most of the time the recommended needle size will be on the ball band. If you are not comfortable, always follow what is stated on your ball band.

At the end of the day, the charts you google are just guides to help you to start a project.

What do you think?

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